Cardamom Price in Kerala Today

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Understanding Today's Cardamom Price in Kerala: Factors, Trends, and Implications

Cardamom referred to as the “Queen of Spices,” is a highly prized product in the global spice markets. Kerala, located in the southern portion of India, is a major producer of green cardamom.

Cardamom price in Kerala today have a significant impact on both local farmers national and international traders.

we analyze here the dynamics that influence the Cardamom price in Kerala today and the implications.

Cardamom Price in Kerala

Factors Influencing Cardamom Price

Several reasons contribute to the cardamom price in Kerala today:

Supply and Demand

The most essential element impacting cardamom prices is the balance between supply and demand. If the production of cardamom is lower than the demand, prices tend to climb. Conversely, an oversupply might lead to a drop in pricing.

Climatic Conditions

 Cardamom is particularly susceptible to climatic fluctuations. Excessive rainfall, droughts, or unexpected temperature fluctuations might impair the agricultural output. Unfavorable weather conditions might restrict supply, consequently impacting pricing.

Crop Diseases and Pests

Cardamom plants are subject to many diseases and pests. Outbreaks of these can cause a drop in supply and quality, resulting to price changes.

Global Market Trends

International demand for cardamom, mainly from the Middle East, North America, and Europe, plays a considerable impact in price setting. Fluctuations in global demand might influence local prices in Kerala.

Government Policies

Government policies linked to agricultural methods, trade restrictions, and export/import tariffs might affect the cardamom market. Subsidies, incentives, and trade agreements can effect pricing directly or indirectly.

Currency Exchange Rates

 Since cardamom is an internationally traded commodity, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can effect its export/import costs, therefore influencing local pricing.

Cardamom Price in Kerala

Current Trends Cardamom Price in Kerala Today

cardamom price in Kerala today is sensitive to different trends:


Cardamom prices are noted for their volatility, which can be related to the variables described above. Prices might suffer dramatic swings within short timeframes.

Seasonal Variations

Cardamom farming in Kerala is intimately related to the monsoon seasons. Prices generally peak following the monsoon due to the restricted supply at this time.

Export Demand

Kerala’s cardamom is not only used domestically but also exported abroad. International demand, especially during festive and holiday seasons, might lead to price spikes.

Quality Grading

Cardamom is generally rated based on size, color, and scent. Higher-grade cardamom attracts better pricing, and variances in quality might contribute to price differentials.

Cardamom Price in Kerala


The cardamom price in Kerala today change have various implications:

Farmers’ Livelihood

For local farmers, cardamom growing is an important source of livelihood. Price swings can affect their income, hurting their economic stability and well-being.

Rural Economy

Cardamom cultivation contributes greatly to the rural economy of Kerala. cardamom Price fluctuations can influence overall economic growth.

Global Trade

Cardamom is traded internationally, making it an essential component of the global spice trade. Price changes can affect trade connections between exporters and traders.

Consumer Costs

Fluctuations in cardamom prices can contribute to price changes in consumer items, such as spices, teas, and perfumes, which contain cardamom as a component.

finally, cardamom price in Kerala today is influenced by various factors that create ups and downs. This matters because cardamom is not only important for the income of local farmers but also affects the overall economy of the region and even the prices of products we use.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The price of cardamom in Kerala can be influenced by various factors including weather conditions, demand and supply dynamics, global market trends, quality of the harvest, and processing costs. Fluctuations in any of these aspects can impact the market price.

Cardamom is often considered one of the pricier spices due to its labor-intensive cultivation and harvesting process. Additionally, its unique flavor and aromatic properties contribute to its higher value in the spice market.

Yes, the price of cardamom in Kerala can vary throughout the year. It is often affected by the harvesting seasons, with prices typically higher during peak harvest times and potentially lower during off-seasons.

Staying informed about the current Cardamom price in Kerala can involve keeping an eye on agricultural reports, spice industry news, and online marketplaces. These sources can provide insights into price trends and fluctuations.

Yes, cardamom is often graded based on size, color, and quality. The different grades can command different prices, with larger and higher-quality cardamom generally fetching a premium.

Yes, some farmers and cooperatives offer the option to buy cardamom directly from them. This can sometimes result in a better price as it cuts out intermediaries, but it may require more effort in terms of sourcing and logistics.

Generally, whole cardamom pods tend to be priced higher than ground cardamom due to the extra processing involved in producing ground spice. However, prices can also vary based on factors such as quality and brand.

Global demand and supply trends can have a significant impact on the Cardamom price in Kerala. If there’s an increase in international demand, it can lead to higher prices locally, and vice versa.

Cardamom prices might be relatively lower during the off-season months when the supply is lower due to factors like harvesting cycles and weather conditions.

Negotiating bulk prices can sometimes be possible, especially if you’re dealing directly with suppliers or farmers. However, it’s important to maintain fair business practices and respect the quality and effort that goes into producing the spice.

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